Welcome to my comic character pinback website. As a longtime comic book and comic art collector, I have always been interested in vintage comic character memorabilia. Comic pinbacks are particularly appealing to me because: 

1) They are available in a wide variety of content, scarcity, and graphical interest, 
2) They are not well documented so new examples are frequently discovered, and 
3) They are relatively inexpensive!

I have been collecting these little bits of metal, paper, and celluloid for many years, and I was always puzzled about the lack of Internet resources dedicated to pinbacks. Based on the number of competing bidders I regularly encounter on eBay, I know I’m not the only comic pinback collector out there. So, with a little computer programming, some spare time spent scanning my pinback collection, and a healthy dose of obsessive/compulsive collecting enthusiasm, I decided to build my own website...

Site Navigation

Navigation for my site is pretty simple: just click on branches of the tree located at the left side of this web page. Each branch represents a grouping of pinbacks that I felt was useful for organizing my website content. I designed the pinback tree to classify and group comic pinbacks many different ways. If you are looking for a specific pinback, you might locate it by comic character, comic strip, pinback series, or advertising content. And, as my pinback database grows, I can easily add new categories to the tree and further refine the navigation process.

The Future

The Internet is littered with websites that eagerly start with a burst of enthusiasm, feverishly include new content for a few months, and then quietly fade to benign neglect. I hope my website is different. I do intend to add lots of comic pinbacks in the coming months, and words of encouragement from fellow collectors would certainly help me maintain momentum. The occasional donation of a rare comic pinback or two also wouldn’t hurt…

Enjoy the website and happy collecting!

Mark Lansdown
July 18, 2004

Are you interested in hearing when I add new pinbacks to the website? Please contact me and I will add your e-mail address to my mailing list.


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